Author: LaMont Hamilton
Credits: LaMont Hamilton Photography
LaMont Hamilton is a portrait photographer based in Chicago. Born 1982 in Wichita, Kansas Hamilton idolized Gordon Parks after discovering his images at an early age. It was this kinship with the fellow Kansan Parks that eventually that led Hamilton to photography.    His interest in making photographs began with an old polaroid and numerous disposable cameras. He often combined these image with his writings in a format that can best be described as a mixed media collage. It wasn't until he bought his first manual camera, a Minolta SRT 101, at the age of 24 that he started taking photography seriously as an art form that required his complete dedication. An autodidact, Hamilton's skill and sensibility developed at his own prompting. Through independent study of photography, he learned the ins and outs of his camera and the darkroom. Later he transitioned from 35mm film to digital and then to the large format camera in order to challenge himself creatively and to expand his skills technically.   After engaging with large format photography Hamilton began focusing primarily on portraiture. In the footsteps of Richard Avedon, Hamilton routinely seeks out subjects for non-commissioned portraits. Many of these photographs contribute to a series called 75 portraits, a personal project of Hamilton's that provides a new way to address an old problem. All too often, the art world fails to recognize certain artists of Color who are shaping how we understand the world through visual expression. While currently working on this series, he has traveled across the U.S. photographing prominent artists of Color whose representation adds to a new kind of art historical canon.    Hamilton's commercial successes include assignments for major marketing campaigns and magazines in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. His portraits have also been featured in several publications. Recently named a recipient of the prestigious Midwest Voices and Visions Award, LaMont Hamilton is slated to be an artist-in-residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts starting January 2013.