KL/LK is a collaboration between Katherine Lam and Liz Koerner. They both have practices rooted in craft and share a desire to create meaningful experiences through handbuilt design. They are graduates of the California College of the Arts Furniture program and see collaboration as key to expanding perspectives and creative processes.

Liz is an artist and designer interested in the human drive to build for practical and abstract purposes. She is fascinated by the emotional and psychological effects of objects and spaces and by how evolution has shaped visual-spatial perception.   In 2012 she came to Herekeke for a collaborative residency and experiencing the high desert in winter had a profound impact on her.  Currently she is pursuing an MFA at San Diego State University. Her sculptures combine light and the forms of utilitarian objects to explore themes of physical work, subconscious psychology, and sensory perception.  

Katherine is a designer and consultant with two decades of professional experience in the furniture industry, specializing in handmade design.  Fueled by a passion for artifact, the crafted object symbolizes and facilitates human connection.  Katherine recently joined the faculty at the California College of the Arts Furniture program to teach design & craft based production -- and currently lives & works in Oakland CA, exploring the potential of creative entrepreneurship and intersections of object making and social/economic systems.