Kush Nubit

Author: Kush Nubit
Credits: Kush Nubit

Kush Nubit is a native of Chicago whom is now living in Los Angeles Ca. Currently she is researching, scoring music and developing an afro-modern dance movement vocabulary for the project called "Black Particle Planet".

"Black Particle Planet" is set in space, with no time, set in pure collective conscious, self manifested, self aware, innate and infinite non-dimensional realities. "Black Particle Planet" explores our cosmic mtDNA and who and what makes us today. This project comes with many layers of both African and Modern dance styles. This is the stroy of our cosmic mtDNA.

"Lay of the Land" is an extension of a growing and much larger repertoire of the afro-modern dance ballet "Black Particle Planet". It is the explored research of earths electrical lay line grid, the magnitic core and exploring another possibility of how the very soil of earth, that we stand and live upon today came to be. This also brings the question of who or what may have had the innate will of creating what we know as "Planet Earth" today.