Kellie Cox

Author: Kellie Cox
Credits: Kellie Cox

Kellie Cox is a botanical/scientific illustrator and muralist living in Washington D.C. She uses traditional art media to create botanical illustrations/murals and also uses computer design techniques to create natural scientific images.

Kellie was born Delaware and graduated from the University of Delaware in the spring of 2009 with a double major in Landscape Horticulture and Plant Science. In 2011 she received my Botanical illustration certification from Cornell University, and was asked to develop a CEU course for Cornell University - Botanical Illustration III: Advanced Techniques. This course is currently being offered online at Cornell University. 

In 2012 Kellie took part of the '21 Boxes: Electrical Boxes Mural Project' where plain, utilitarian boxes were transformed into beautiful inspiring works of public art. Her box mural focused on native plants of New York. A lot of her illustrations and murals focus on native plants, as she hope to educate and spread the word on the importance of native plants, as well as create beautiful works of art!