Kate Puccia


Kate Puccia is an American artist and educator based in Chicago, Illinois. Kate grew up sailing on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario. Having studied both art and environmental geology at the University of Vermont, she often presents ideas about structural geology and renewable energy in her work. Kate has spent time as an artist in the Rocky, Green and Adirondack mountain ranges. Following her tenure as assistant director of an interdisciplinary MFA in Visual Art program, she returned to the teaching studio. In the role of artist-teacher, Kate has extensive experience designing and leading progressive art courses in independent schools.

Kate's art pratice includes film-based photography, new media work, drawing and painting. While surveying a topography, she identifies common and inconspicuous elements that act as catalysts for her work. Each composition dispatches environmental, social or global concepts. She has explored a range of issues, from hydrology and erosion to rural wind farms. Kate's most recent series focused on the migratory patterns of species navigating industrialized zones of the Midwest. A longtime affinity for cartography informs her quality of line, evaluation of space and series formats.