Member Since 12/9/10

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Venezuelan dancer and choreographer started her studies in 1980 with Danzahoy-Escuela, becoming a member of the company in 1989. In 1996, Julieta moved to New York. Two years later she self produced a show; "Andar el Comienzo" which mark the birth of RASTRO. She has twice received the Astral Career Grant (1999 – 2002). She has also been choreographer at the D'jerassi Artist Residence Program in California in 2003, which later distinguished her with the Bessie Schönberg Memorial Endowed Fellowship 2003. Julieta was an Artward Bound artist in residency at White Oak Plantation, Florida as a member of The Field in 2007. Her work has been seen three times at the Joyce SoHo, twice at NuDance Festival at the River Side Festival, ICA Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Festival de Danza de Araracuara, Brasil to name a few.

Julieta's Recent Activity