Seanie, Amanda, Myles, Ashton & Josh


Seanie Sugrue, co-founder of Locked In the Attic Productions, is originally from Tralee, County Kerry in Ireland. Seanie is quickly becoming a reputable and talented writer and director. His stories are engaging and teeter precariously between the viewers emotions, touching on both the dramatic and tragic while focusing on raw and powerful themes that most would shy around.


Josh Folan is a producer, writer, director, editor and actor with professional credits dating back to 2005, prior to which he studied finance at The Ohio State University. Filmmaking highlights since founding NYEH Entertainment in 2008 include BODY (2015 Slamdance selection), The Lives of Hamilton Fish (2015 Raindance selection), catch 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue (2016 Palm Beach Int'l selection), All God's Creatures (2011 Hoboken Int'l best screenplay and actress nominations), it's just One line (2012 Film Racing NYC 24 Hour Film Race finalist), and What Would Bear Do? Also an author and contributor to the independent filmmaking blog community, he penned the low-budget indie case study Filmmaking, the Hard Way.