Hanna Q Dance Company



JohannaLjungqvist-Brinson started dancing at age 3, in her hometown Boras, Sweden. She has no memory; of not dancing ...her life in Sweden was dance, performing and teaching. Johanna auditioned to the state funded school, The University of Dance, Stockholm, Sweden, along with 350other dancers, for a whole week all day long! Every year they hold auditions and people from all over the world come. The University of Dance accepts 12 dance students a year to their 3 year, full time program for dancers to earn a BFA in Dance Education, Dance Pedagogy / Choreography.


Johanna earned her degree while working as a professional dancer and teaching in Stockholm, Sweden. She also toured in Germany and Austria. Then "London was calling ..."and she went over and studied at the famous school, The Pineapple School of Dance. Her hometown didn't forget her and Johanna received a State Art Grant, from them to go to Madrid, Spain and take private lessons in Flamenco Dance. Then when back in Stockholm, Johanna performed with The Carmen Lucena Flamenco Dance Company. She also worked with one of Sweden's best Jazz Band, Frederik Noren's Jazz Band, produced, choreographed and danced in her Show "Jazz Snakes "at The Regina Theater. Johanna collaborated with many musicians performing, choreographed in different venues, Music Festivals, Rock Concerts and Music Clubs.


In 1987 she went to Manhattan, New York, meant to stay only for a year to take dance classes, get new inspiration from "the mecca of dance ". Studied dance at The Alvin Ailey School of Dance and many other dance schools in Manhattan ...But soon started teaching her own dance classes in NY. Johanna taught at the famous "Phil Black's on 50th street and Broadway "School and other Dance Studios. Two years later in 89' she formed her own dance company "The Hanna Q Dance Theatre "with 5 Dancers and 3 Musicians, playing live music to the dance performances. Johanna wrote the music, choreographed and danced in her "debut" production in NY "Hidden Messages "at The 18th Street Playhouse in Manhattan. A 3 weeks engagement. "Hidden Messages "got a big, 5 paragraph review in The New York Times, Sunday – Art's and Leisure's section. Johanna also had her own Dance Studio where she taught dance and gave Dance Performances.


Then the director of the prestigious school " Academie de la Danse " in Paris, France called and asked Johanna to come and teach Jazz Dance, for their professional dance education program, a 3 year program for students to become professional dancers. So off to Paris … while there, she formed a new dance company and performed at "Cafe' de la Danse". But after a year and a half she missed NY and came back, met a Texan, fell in love and married Max Brinson. They moved to Austin, TX .where she continued teach and choreograph with Ballet East, Dance Umbrella and Tapestry Dance. – "Austin is really beautiful with the lakes, river, Mediterranean landscape and so many wild flowers. I really did like the nature and it is a nice town, but we missed New York , again … Moved back , but were shocked to find how apartments , rents had sky rocked !!!"


Well, 1997 they bought a 200 year old white farmhouse with green trimmings ... in Dingmans Ferry. -" I love the Delaware River and Forrest, it reminds me about the nature in my home province, in Sweden." Soon Johanna gave birth to their lovely daughter, Lovisa.( now 14 years old ) She started a Dance Program for children at DV-ACE ( Delaware Valley Adult & Community Education ) that meet direct after school and gives dance performances twice a year at the DDMS, Auditorium . They have also performed at local charities – fundraising events to help raise money. For example : The United Way of Pike , Camp Speer's Eljebar , PEEC's Earth Day Event , Delaware Township " harvest feast", School Functions , Milford Business Borough 's 4th of July Celebration , and more.


Johanna formed "Delaware Dancers ". A Non – Profit Organization, Dance Group .with a 501.C.3 status. She is the founder, president, teacher, choreographer of Delaware Dancers. Now after 8 years she has advanced dance students, including her daughter. Johanna has extended her dance company and now has professional dancers and musicians with her again. Which perform under the name : Hanna Q Dance Company . Last year Delaware Dancers/ Hanna Q Dance Company , received a grant award from The Pennsylvania Council of the Arts to put on Delaware Dancers Annual " Dance & Music Summer Performance ", on " The Stage in Our Woods " at the Dingmans Ferry Bed and Breakfast, in Dingmans Ferry, PA. It will be held Saturday, July 20th at 6pm. (Free ) Johanna will also be giving a free Dance workshop with live music for young children and a free dance workshop for adults, before the performance that same day. Delaware Dancers/ Hanna Q Dance Company will perform with live music a mix of Modern- Contemporary Dance, Jazz and Ballet – Pas De Deux. The Musicians are: Obi Kaye: Drums & Percussion. Matthew King: Key Board. Mike Cutaia: Bass. Richard Cantor: Drum Set Alex Testino : Violin and Oboe . Tori Popstein : Violin .. Delaware Dancers/Hanna Q Dance Company and Musicians will also Perform at "Harmony Presents "(The "castle "The old Silk Mill ) in Hawley. Friday, August 9th at 7pm. Please visit Delaware Dancers on Face Book or delawaredancers.com for more information and to see what they are up to...