Author: Joanna Lee
Credits: Annette Nicoletti

Got a Bachelor's of Music in Songwriting, although one has every right to say that you don't need a degree in this to write good songs.  
I pursued a degree in this because I love to write.  It's now about four years since I graduated from music college, and I am still writing, releasing content, while promoting myself as an independent artist.  

I believe that music must be shared, and the driving force for that is God.  My relationship with Him, what He has been working through in my life, my relationship with people and the world in which I live -- these are all inspirations that keep me writing and pursuing the arts.  

I hope that my music inspires and encourages people, raises awareness for causes that are important to me, but I don't write solely for the sake of others.  This is my medium to express pangs and joys that I feel cannot be let out any other way.  I'm a terrible conversationalist, but I get my thoughts out clearly on paper intertwined with song.  
This is how and why I create.