Kingdom Bound Productions

Author: Jewell Yancey

About Kingdom Bound's Jewell Yancey,

Playwright, Director, Producer and Founder of Kingdom Bound Productions, Inc.

Borne with a gift for theatre and a heart for God, Jewell founded Kingdom Bound Productions in 2006. Her goals are following God's instructions and increasing the Kingdom of Heaven by leading souls to Christ through the performing arts!

Jewell wrote, directed and produced "Son of The Living God", an original production which was premiered at The James Rouse Theatre of Performing Arts in 2007 as well as additional performances in 2009 at The Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, MD. She wrote, directed and produced "David's Rock", another original production featuring original music also written by Jewell Yancey, the musical which is based on the life of the "Great King" King David, premiered at The Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, MD in May 2008. Jewell didn't stop there, she went on to write and produce Kingdom Bounds first music Album May 2011, "Release Your Miracle", which can be found worldwide. Please feel free to take a peak at this album via iTunes.

Jewell's current project "Mirror Woman, The Battle Unseen" premiered at The Black Rock Center for the Arts in March 2016. With overwhelming success, the stage play is now being developed into a musical set go on tour in 2017, while simultaneously writing the screenplay script for "Mirror Woman, The Battle Unseen".

Jewell discovered her gifts early, standing in front of the mirror as a young child with a hair brush in one hand (for the microphone) and a comb in the other hand (for a trophy) . . . thanking the academy for her many awards – yet to come. Proceeding through elementary and middle school, she joined a series of drama teams, community players, and was accepted into the Virginia Magnet High School for the Arts – studying the classics, modern literature, dance and theatre.

Only a beginning . . . more immersion of self and art was to follow!

Jewell left home at the early age of 18, New York bound with an inspired taste for theatre. Graduating from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Jewell studied more classic and modern literature, fine-tuned her skills as an actress and poured herself into theatre (acting, production and management) – with an ever-growing passion and zeal, sharpening her technical skills. As an actress, Jewell was blessed with roles in off-Broadway productions, television commercials and local film productions (for distribution on network and cable television).

Giving her life to Christ in 2006, Jewell's passions for the performing arts and God united in the creation of Kingdom Bound Productions Inc. where she focuses on the production management and development areas of the arts. Jewell continues to be an inspiration bringing creative and innovative Kingdom Bound performances through TV, film, musical and theatrical works of art . . . with guidance and covering from God. Jewell's overall goal is to build a performing arts "Home" for Kingdom Bound Productions, so we can expand on helping the communities in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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