Jerome Lee

Author: Jerome
Credits: photograph by John McLoughlin. Dancers are Heather Hubert & Nicole Sippola.

Jerome grew up in Minnesota in the US, in a musical household. Raised by two music educators, they listened to all kinds of sounds, from Classical to Salsa to Jazz, Stevie Wonder to Zazie to Brandy. They had worked with talented producers Syience & Dr. Octavo, before deciding to produce on their own. They have bent genres from electro to global groove, & their latest release experiments with adding acoustic elements. They grew up dancing & danced with Sholay Productions in New York. Also a musician & singer, they enjoy exploring their voice & blending sounds from all over. Jerome writes, sings, dances, & creates, inspired by the precious Planet.

Jerome's next two projects are parallel - & they are created with the hope to uplift, heal, inspire, & encourage.

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