Jay Fetzer


Jay Fetzer was born in Phoenix, AZ. He moved around all over the United States, until he settles back down in Phoenix at the age of 10. He attended The University of Arizona for two years, which is where he found his passion for film. After producing and editing various short films in Tucson, he then moved to LA and worked on my sets such as ABC's The Bachelor, music videos for artists Labyrinth and Kavinsky, and interned at the production company The Director's Bureau which is headed by Roman Coppola. Gaining much experience and insight as to the level of work and dedication necessary to be a filmmaker, he decided that he wanted to become a director. And in order to be a director, you must direct... a lot. So he moved back to AZ and attended The Sedona Film School for a year and began the long journey of mastering his craft. While there he made his first short film SHAKEN, which is a fan film of the origin story of 007. The film took Best Picture and Best Cinematography at the Sedona Film School Film Festival. It is now about to attempt to make rounds at the festival circut. After that, he has worked on many projects such as award winning commercials, Produced and shot an online TV series, among various other things. He hopes to keep moving towards the top of the mountain, which is where his goal of being a feature film director lies.