Jakob Bokulich

Author: Jakob Bokulich
Credits: Jakob Bokulich, Nikki Haroldson

Since the mid-nineties, Jakob Bokulich has been working in the areas of painting, conceptual art, acting, filmmaking, writing, set design, and eventually, kinetics. This sculpture comes from a vision he once had at Burning Man years ago. His upbringing as an auto mechanic's son certainly served to inspire this piece, and in the process he worked with artists Chuck Hoberman and Matt Davis, gaining knowledge in creating kinetic sculptures. Jakob is from Santa Cruz, California, but left to Europe when he was 17 with the goal of beginning his life as an artist. He lived there as a painter for 4 years, showed in various galleries, and immersed himself in Europe's vast culture of art. Returning to California, he worked on Cellspace, the Creamery, and the Artship in the Bay Area. After some time in Los Angeles, he moved to New York and renewed his passion for creating art that is meaningful, focusing on his painting and on the Pollinator sculpture.