Guillermo Leyva

Author: Vilma Machin & Guillermo Leyva
Credits: Olivia Barker & Claire Thoms

Using the Spanish term for "soul, spirit, and heart", we have formed Alma Dance Theater, a not-for-profit ballet company that strives to express the soul of dance by presenting classical ballet danced to non-traditional and classical music. Alma Dance Theater will seek to broaden the public's interest in classical ballet, create unique dance pieces while maintaining our high technical and artistic standards, and finally form outreach programs to educate and inspire individuals of all ages to both experience and appreciate the beauty of classical ballet.

Alma Dance Theater strives to be one of the foremost dance companies in the United States. It will stage both classical ballets and pieces that are creative, courageous and unique to the company. We will represent the cultural diversity of Chicago by introducing different musical styles such as latin, jazz, gospel and blues. This approach will broaden the company's appeal for a larger audience of all ages. Our dream is that parents will bring their children to the company's ballet performances to introduce their families to wonderful music and the beautiful art form of dance.