Arthur Mamou-Mani

Author: Mamou-Mani Architects
Credits: Mamou-Mani Architects

Arthur Mamou-Mani is a London-based French architect and director of Mamou-Mani Architects, which specializes in a new kind of digitally designed and fabricated architecture. He is a professor at the University of Westminster and owns a digital fabrication laboratory called the Fab.Pub.

For the past six years, he and his Masters of Architecture students at the University of Westminster in London's WeWantToLearn studio (with Toby Burgess) have been bringing art installations to Black Rock City: Shipwreck, Fractal Cult, Hayam Sun Temple, The Infinity Tree, Reflections, Bismuth Bivouac, and Tangential Dreams, which won the prestigious Architizer A+ Award in architecture in 2016.

Arthur is an advocate for a new approach to architecture in which the architect is also the maker in line with Burning Man's ethos. His work matches 3D modeling tools like Rhinoceros and Grasshopper 3D with fabrication tools like laser cutters and 3D printers. By encouraging his students to design and build art installations at Burning Man, they are able to receive on-site mentorship and unique hands- on building experience that isn't available in a university context.