Author: Anh Nguyen
Credits: Anh Nguyen

Early Life:

Anh Nguyen was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. When Anh was a little girl, she found herself being gifted with crafty and artsy skills that later intrigued her into learning and practicing various forms of arts. Growing up in a tough financial situation of her parents, who suffered from a bankruptcy, Anh self- created toys for herself, such as doll house and wardrobe, handmade card and drawing. Anh was luckily received a strict coaching from her guardian - her grandmother – while the parents were working in different regions for a living. From such situation, Anh understood art is the best friend of her life and through art, all the sadness can be eased and then converted to the joy.

Adult Life:

Anh studied Graphic Design, minor in Fine Arts in an Art college in Saigon, Vietnam. Always being a curious student, Anh often broke the guideline of her in-class art projects and she believed the sense of art of every student should not be locked into a box of all the regulations. After graduating, Anh spent a couple first years in her career to work as a Graphic Designer while practicing visual art as a hobby.

Anh moved to the U.S. 5 years ago, torn between some decisions that could forever change her life. Currently, she lives in Queens and works in a fashion company in Manhattan. Yet, the cravings for creating art never stop screaming in her soul.