Helen Young

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award (for artists)
Credits: Leonard Eiger

Helen Young is a documentary filmmaker and veteran broadcast journalist who blends a passion for illuminating critically important social and political issues by telling the personal stories of people affected by those issues. For the past 18 months she has been at work on "The Bangor 5" a film that follows the federal case against five longtime, senior citizen, peace activists- an 84 year old Catholic nun, two Jesuit priests and two grandmothers- who trespassed onto a U.S. Navy Trident nuclear submarine base to raise awareness on the global threat posed by the spread of nuclear weapons.

Previously Helen was Co-Executive Producer with Al Roker of "Armed in America" a documentary on gun control which aired on MSNBC. She wrote and produced the documentary, "Childhood Obesity-Danger Zone", a film that examined the obesity epidemic raging across America and the toll it is exacting on children and teenagers. The documentary aired on "The Food Network" and was produced for Al Roker Entertainment. She wrote and produced, "America's Astronauts-from Mercury to Apollo to Today" a documentary which tells the story of the American space program through the experiences of seven astronauts including the first African American woman in space, Mae Jemison, and the last man to leave his footprint on the surface of the moon, Eugene Cernan. The documentary aired on MSNBC .

Helen worked as a staff writer and producer for CBS News and NBC News. She was a producer for the "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather" where she produced "Eye on America" reports on subjects ranging from lax USDA food safety regulations, to an investigation on the causes of Gulf War Syndrome, to a friendly fire cover-up. She also produced "In Touch with America" reports during the 1996 U.S. Presidential election and "Travels with Harry" reports for anchorman Harry Smith. She wrote and produced consumer reports and investigative series for "CBS This Morning" anchored by Paula Zahn and Harry Smith. She was a staff producer on the CBS newsmagazine "Street Stories" anchored by Ed Bradley and the broadcast "America Tonight" with Deborah Norville and Peter Van Sant. Over the course of her year career at CBS Helen worked on many national and international breaking news stories such as the Oklahoma City bombing, the bombing of the Olympics in Atlanta, and the death of Princess Diana.

At the newsmagazine "Dateline NBC" Helen worked as a writer and staff producer. She produced reports on subjects ranging from the Impeachment of President Clinton to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Over the course of her 30 year career she has won four National and New York Emmy awards for her work as well as other honors.

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