Author: Hayley Barker
Credits: Bill Bachhuber

I make expressive oil paintings about how beautiful and strange it is to be embodied. My work focuses on the body, psychological and emotional states, nature and visionary experience. I draw inspiration from literary and historical texts as poetic frameworks for exploring specific landscapes. All of my work is based on observational drawings done outdoors. I am committed to making work based upon subjective, visceral and unmediated experience- private moments that exist somewhere between the mind, the body and the natural world. My work is about that which is not particularly valued by our current social media-driven culture. My paintings celebrate the gushy and messy, the spiritual, the human-scaled, the sentimental, the local, the exuberant and the over-emotional. My approach is a mishmash, a feminist re-imagining of various abstract and representational modes and techniques found in Symbolist painting, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Outsider Art, kitsch and "Bad" Painting.

Cathedrals (5.2011) was reviewed in Art in America, the Oregonian, and Visual Arts Source online. My work has appeared in regional and international venues, New American Painting magazine, and the Drawing Center's Viewing Program. I received my BA from the University of Oregon (1996) and my MA and MFA in Intermedia, from the University of Iowa (2001). I live and work in Portland, Oregon.

I am represented by Charles A. Hartman Fine Art in Portland, OR.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant 2011
  • Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant 2013