Hal Masonberg


The documentary JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY marks Hal Masonberg's second feature as director. His first feature, THE PLAGUE (2006) was a narrative film addressing issues of kids and violence in American culture. That film was profoundly altered in post-production by the attached studio and producers until the film and story no longer represented Hal's vision or intent. He has publicly disowned that cut of the film. As a result of that experience, making independent films of personal expression that explore the human adventure and how we engage and identify ourselves within our cultures and societies is Hal's top priority.

Hal's short film, MRS. GREER, a poignant reverie on childhood, aging, and the influence of memory, won major awards at both the Charleston and Houston International Film Festivals in 1995 and 1996 respectively, and played festivals worldwide from Seattle, WA. to Dublin, Ireland. 

Arriving in Los Angeles in 1991 after working at the Seattle International Film Festival for three years and booking movie theaters up and down the west coast, Hal has worked for more than 20 years in the Los Angeles film industry in multiple capacities ranging from studio-writer for Paramount, Sony Pictures and STARZ, to casting session director on hundreds of commercials and such films as Lasse Hallström's WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE and Spike Jonze's I'M HERE. Hal also works as an acting teacher at Hal Masonberg's Commercial Acting Workshops in Los Angeles, helping actors connect with their rich inner lives and experiences and bring that to auditions.

Hal's love of cinematic storytelling and his lifelong committment to the art has also allowed him to work as both cinematographer, editor and producer on his own projects, as well as for others. 

Awards & Recognitions

  • Worldfest Houston - GOLD AWARD - Short Subjects - Dramatic Original 1996 for MRS. GREER
  • Charleston International Film Festival - GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD - Short Subjects - Dramatic Original 1995 for MRS. GREER