Gust Burns is a composer, improviser, and pianist.

Gust is a noted pianist, possessing tremendous voice and technique as an improviser. Noteworthy collaborations include his two-piano duo with Craig Taborn, his long-term collaborations with saxophonists Jack Wright and Tyler Wilcox, and his position as pianist in the Wally Shoup Quartet.

As a composer, Gust works from multiple interests including the interactions between live sound performance and recording, text, and musical history and culture. He has worked in installation, using the insides of dismantled pianos, and making his own dubplate records. 

In addition to producing work of his own, Gust directs and edits the onine music and text journal Eulachon. He has directed the Seattle Improvised Music Festival for the past ten years, and was co-founder of the ever-crucial musician-run experimental music space Gallery 1412.