Florian-Ayala Fauna

Author: Florian-Ayala Fauna
Credits: Florian-Ayala Fauna

Florian-Ayala Fauna is an artist, musician, poet, occult practitioner, and androgyne based in the United States. Their work aims to explore the relationship between light and dark, past and present, humanity and nature, mysticism and science, despair and beauty, and other dichotomies often questioned by many.

Working with a personal vocabulary of symbols involving nature, wildlife, religion, esoterica, and anthropomorphism, their use of the representation of animals works as a reflection of humanity's struggles with primal fear, pain, survival, and as a memento mori of the fragile and temporary nature of existence.

They have exhibited artwork in venues such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, and the BEAM Festival in London, England.