Fouché François Jr


My name is Fouché François Jr. and yes, I'm a dreamer. I guess with me it all started growing growing up Haiti. I always loved being in front of the camera. My mother always told me I had a distinct fascination and curiosity about cameras, which birth my connection with it. My parents traveled to the US, and shortly my brother and I joined them in New Jersey. Althouh, it did take me a while to adjust to a new culture and way of life. I was seven, and full of ambition and dreams, just as I am now! With your support we can create a piece of art that documents a heartbeat of current social issues that isn't getting enough media exposure. From the years I lived in NJ I was just trying to figure it all out. My connection with film started out with the passion of being in front of the camera. It wasn't til I landed the role (Tom Robinson) in the play "To Kill a Mockingbird" that changed my perspective of filmmaking. After seeing Meredith, the director - lead her cast through an outstanding performance, I was in awe. Her nolstalgic style was priceless and it left me inspired - not only did it stretch my range as an actor, but it gave me a new vision of what I could do. So a year later I packed my bags and moved to LA, attending The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles and majoring in Video Production. I continued my education at American Intercontinental University in Atlanta GA, obtaining my BFA there. My body of work consist of: 2016 "I'm telling your mom" (Crash the Superbowl Doritos) contest. 2014 "Dream On" short - Project Greenlight competition sponsored by Mat Damon and Ben Affleck. I also produced and directed a commercial for the (2013 Crash the Superbowl Doritos) contest. In 2012 I directed a short film "One Way Ticket" which was inspired by the segment of my life, when I boldly moved to California to pursue my dreams. In 2012 I produced the short film "Game Control" my senior project at AIU. In 2011 "And Then There Were Two" the short film produced by me advanced to the semifinals of the 24Hour Film Race. This film was screened at the Landmark Theatre in Atlanta GA. My confidence really catapulted in 2011 after co-producing my first documentary the "Saraella Ursery Documentary." The thing I love most about being behind the scenes are, it gives me control to put myself in front of the camera.