Ethan Folk

Author: Ethan Folk
Credits: still from VERNAE featuring: Jillayne Hunter and Alan Sutherland

Ethan Folk is a filmmaker, photographer and audiovisual artist. Body of work includes experimental and dance films, live performances, photography collections, sound installation, and video art. Frequently commissioned to create A/V components for performance artists and dancers. Interested in reductive approaches to complex human and natural phenomena - in describing emergent behaviors and systems through compositional and formal analysis.

Born and brought up in Seattle, Ethan has since studied, performed, and created work across Europe and Asia. Having recently concluded a 1-year hitchhiking project in Russia and the Balkans which culminated in a solo exhibition in Italy, Ethan returned to Seattle in of July 2014. Since, Ethan has directed and filmed VERNAE, an experimental dance film based on The Rite of Spring. VERNAE is currently in post production.

Ethan Folk's Works