Ethan Bach is a consultant, project manager and art producer. Bach is the owner and operator of Bach Multimedia. Bach received an MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008 and BA in Media Production from The Evergreen State College in 1996. Ethan's expertise in immersive video art and project management builds from almost 20 years of experience.

Bach served as Principal Investigator for a DoD grant developing interactivity for fulldome and a research associate for a National Science Foundation grant developing tools and content for fulldome environments in his former position as the Digital Dome Manager at the Institute of American Indian Arts. In just two and a half years he developed five dome courses, an artist in residence program , curated several art shows and created vDome with Charles Veasey. vDome is the world's first software for the digital dome that runs off a single computer and allows for easy plug and play, VJing, interactive art, and gaming. vDome is currently in open source release.

Bach is internationally known for his media art which is primarily in immersive and interactive media. Bach's artistic expertise in experimental media won him awards from the Santa Fe Arts Commission, New Mexico Film Visions, and New Mexico Art in Public Spaces. Solo Exhibitions include the interactive, real-time international storytelling installation, "Retrieving Humanity" (2010) at the Santa Fe Complex, as well as "Translations" (2010) at the NW Film Forum in Seattle. His recent work interactive video installation "The Royal Road Project" has shown at Aqua Art as part of Art Basel Miami (2012) and will show in Currents 2013. He has been invited to show at international experimental media and film exhibitions from Bangalore to Madrid.