Emily Boksenbaum

 I am an artist and maker with a custom leather business where I create work ranging from functional leather objects such as boots and vests, to decorative wall hangings. I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied fibers and textiles in 2011. I started carving leather images based on my own paper illustrations in 2012 when I began working for a leather surface designer. I was immediately hooked by the tooling medium and developed skills in leather construction by making wallets and belts. I took a saddlemaking appreticeship in 2014 and learned many handworking techniques. Eventually I started making boots and shoes and started to build my own custom leatherworking studio. Today I work out of my studio in Brooklyn New York and make custom projects for clients who find me on my website and on instagram. I also show my work and teach at the Brooklyn Shoespace in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My artwork reflects my own graphic, art nouvou style along with traditional western leather sensibilities.