EJ Stapleton


EJ Stapleton, the second of five children, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1953. There is a story of a babysitter walking in to find him, at two years old, standing in his crib drawing all over his bedroom wall. Not much has changed since then. He still writes or draws on anything that doesn't move.

Educated through the Boston Public School system, EJ spent most of his time searching for whatever information he could gather about art and the artists who generate it. In 1971, he left for a two-week trip to Italy. He returned in 1973. This was the start of what continues today to be a lifetime of searching. A lifetime of learning, handshake by handshake, the true heart of the human race.

In the mid 1970's EJ was lucky enough to find himself in the company of Joseph Solman, one of the founders of the American Expressionist movement, in New York City. Until his death in 2008 at age ninety-nine, Mr. Solman was one of the most active and powerful influences in the art world and a steadfast source of influence and inspiration to all facets of EJ's work.

NOTE: EJ Stapleton and India Baldwin are one and the same.

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