Derrick Dover

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For the past eight years, I have grown from an intern, to an Assistant Press Manager, to having my own production company in the NYC area. Working for the Tribeca Film Festival as well as Red Bull Corp., gave me the opportunity to gain key skills in production management and in festival coordination. Also, as an assistant producer & cameraman for many film projects, including social media channels; I assisted in preliminary research, writing, budgeting, scheduling, the list goes on.

Entertainment has always been a difficult industry to break into. With that said, a lot of highly talented people go unnoticed. I am not your average gentleman, nor am I conventional. I bring dedication, hard work, and determination, along with a creative and imaginative background to the workplace; I am sui generis. I have demonstrated my aptitude to learn, my drive to get work done right the first time and my ability to go above and far beyond what is required.

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