David J Bromley

Author: David J Bromley
Credits: "A Space Odyssey", acrylic on panel

As a teenager, my love of comic books compelled me to draw. This period helped develop my future creative self, as I was also a student of the silent film comedians that still influence my cartoon writing and onstage performances.

When I began preparing for college, I discovered van Gogh, and began to paint in earnest. Eventually influenced by the abstract expressionists, I realized my best paintings are oversized and make a physical, as well as artistic, statement.

Upon graduation, a need to secure a livlihood caused me to study the photographic arts. The technical aspects of photography were a precise education, previously not exercised in my career. This discipline eventually led to my becoming a college instructor of various subjects such as life drawing, color theory and art history.

A desire to make art for a live audience influenced me to undertake acting, and a combination of self-study and professional training have enabled me to perform both dramatic and comedic roles, from scientists Harry Daghlian and Niels Bohr to the traveling anvil salesman from The Music Man, Charlie Cowell.