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Author: Diamond Ferguson

My background includes networking creating, and designing. most recently my portfolio have been filled with vibrant designs. While story telling through arts and historical informed I have previously branched out to build through designs, visual visions sound vibration, non-profit creative events, galleries, organization and steam. I also bring to the table strong computer proficience in MS Word, MS Excel and CRM database, PowerPoint and 5 year of colleg ( Computer Information). Programing software such as adobe CAM, illustrator, photohop and etc. Please see the accompanying resume for detail of my experience and education. I am confident that I can offer you the creative services, communication and problem solving skills you are seeking. Feel free to call (503) 577 - 5343 cell or email diamondartist1111@gmail.com to arrange an interview. Thank you for your time I look forward to learning more about this opportunit. 

Diamond Ferguson 

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