Dawn Kasper

Millay Colony Residency
Author: Dawn Kasper
Credits: Lara Bank

Dawn Kasper is a New York based interdisciplinary artist working in performance, installation, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and sound. Her work emerges out of a fascination with existentialism, subjects of vulnerability, desire, and the construction of meaning. Kasper often critiques the corporatized aspects of culture by examining the emotions most commonly manipulated by advertisers and media such as fear, panic, hate, envy, lust and anxiety. Creating scenes that double as a platform for living sculpture, Kasper performs in a structured yet spontaneous manner using props, costume, comedy, gesture, extreme physicality, repetition, and monologue. Her work has been exhibited widely; The Migros Museum, Zurich (2005), Human Resources, LA (2011), Tramway, Glasgow (2012), 2012 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY (2012), David Lewis, NY (2014), ADN Collection, Bolzano, Italy (2014), Redling Fine Art, LA (2015), Tang Museum, Skidmore College, NY (2015) and The American Academy in Rome, Italy (2016). Kasper is represented by Redling Fine Art in Los Angeles and David Lewis in New York.