David F. Stock

Guggenheim Fellowship

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Short Biography



Composer/Conductor David Stock (born 1939) is  Professor Emeritus, Duquesne University  and Conductor Laureate of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, which he founded in 1976. He retired as Music Director of PNME at the' end of the 1998/99 season, after 23 years of dedication to new music and the living composer. He has been Composer-in-Residence of the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Seattle Symphony and the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony.




Mr. Stock's compositions have been performed throughout the United States and in Europe, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, China and Korea. He has recorded on CRI, Northeastern, MMC, Ocean, Naxos, Albany and Ambassador.


Mr. Stock has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, five Fellowship Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, five Fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and grants and commissions from Ella Lyman Cabot Trust, the Paderewski Fund for Composers, the Koussevitzky Music Foundation, the Barlow Endowment, Boston Musica Viva, the Cincinnati Symphony, the Seattle Symphony, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Richard Stoltzman, Duquesne University, the Erie Philharmonic, and many others.


As guest conductor, he has appeared with Australia's Seymour Group, Pound's Capella Cracoviensis and Silesian Philharmonic, Mexico's Foro Internacional de Musica Nueva, Eclipse (Beijing), the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Seattle Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, Monday Evening Concerts, the Syracuse Society for New Music, the Minnesota Composers Forum, the American Dance Festival, Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh, the New England Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble, the Chautauqua Symphony, the American Wind Symphony, and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony.