Daria Miyeko Marinelli


Untameble is a co-production of Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War. 

Highly Impractical Theatre creates new site-specific theatre that is bold, immersive, and experiential. We produce and develop socially relevant plays for unconventional spaces and engage audiences in an active, sensory experience of stories.

The Unsoft War is a theatre company dedicated to creating work that is epic, sprawling, and socially conscious. Our work seeks to reimagine the theatrical experience, by challenging what it means to go the theater, whose stories we tell, and who comes through our doors. We believe that making art is a sustainable way to wage war, and in doing so, we seek to relentless and courageous in our pursuits.

The Story of a Co-Production

Elana (Director, Founding Artistic Director of Highly Impractical Theatre) and Daria (Playwright, Founding Artistic Director of The Unsoft War) met at the beginning of 2013 when Untameable was selected as a Finalist for Sanguine Theatre Company's Project Playwright. After an amazing collaboration and presentation, they decided to keep in touch as they both hurtled forward with their respective theatrical ventures. Now, many drafts, coffees, and production meetings later, Daria and Elana are delighted to join together to present Untameable as a co-production between Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War.