Daniel Laabs

SXSW Film Award

Ever since Daniel's first short film, "sleet/snow" premiered at the AFIDallas Film Festival in 2009 his work has garnered screenings and attention around the country. Culminating in 2011 when his short, "8" (co-helmed with Julie Gould), won the Texas Shorts Jury Award at the SXSW Film Festival. That year Daniel's feature film "Jules of Light and Dark," currently in development, won a Cash Grant from the Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund. He has worked prominently in the idependent film scene on such projects as Clay Liford's "Wuss," James M. Johnston's "Knife," and Eric Steele's "Cork's Cattlebaron." He also recently wrapped the first season of the reboot of the hit series DALLAS, where he worked with the overnight post production team. Currently he is living in Arlington, TX where is taking time off from production work to focus on his upcoming projects.