Corina Kinnear


develops productions as a medium of an artful expression of reality as well as a form of entertainment.  By creating a mood that transports the audience they can appreciate details in humanity that sometimes are not recognized, as well as enjoy the emotional expression, physicality, and shape of dance as a medium of art.

Nell'ombra: Immersive production in Venice Itally
Welcome to Berlin: Contemporary Dance opening ceremony
Leath: Experimental residency in Tanz Fabrik Berlin
Mvmnt: Dance Theatre production at MiMoDa in Los Angeles

Deutche Oper Ballet
CND Paris, PARTS Brussels
Invertigo Dance Theatre
BFA Alonzo King Lines Ballet
Heidi Ducker Dance Theatre
L'Oreal National and International Tour
Daft Punk- Lose Yourself to Dance
Gibson Miriva Dance Company

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