Courtney Harris

Author: Courtney Harris

Born and raised in Miami, FL; I completed my BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), before returning to Miami with the intention of focusing on community based, collaborative multi-media shows with the intention on education, channeling energy into creative expression, and the empowerment of the improverished youth in the city. I find Miami to be a city that is lacking in accessibility for these types of programs, with it's art scene being rather restricted in what it offers to an average resident.

My focus is on accessible art that inspires and educates oppressed people on their history, capabilities, and nurtures the love of self that is required to build a better future for themselves and their communities. I define these events as multi-media art exhibits focused on the engagement, education, knowledge of self, and support of the economic ventures of oppressed people, while turning a critical eye on the current political landscape and inviting dialogue on the history of inequality and injusices against colonized and oppressed people. In this dialogue, I hope for us to be able to locate the solution to build a better future, and light the sparks to ignite future generations to continue the momentum long after we have departed.