Charlotte Wheat


My journey as an artist began over 50 years ago with my first show in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1960. I received an honorable mention, which to me meant everything in the world. It gave me the impetus to continue to make art. I started out as a 2D artist working in graphite, pen and ink, watercolor and oils. In 1970 I began using fiber arts in my art forms, hand spinning, hand weaving and natural dying.

In 2010 I discovered the joys and wonders of clay. For me clay embodies the processes used in all those other mediums I had previously worked in but with a more direct tactile sense. I have a passion for pots, and a madness for mud. It gives me great pleasure to know that something I have made, with my hands, may someday become a part of someone else's daily life.

An awareness of the basic philosophies of aesthetics continues to grow throughout my artistic development and my understanding of the development of the ceramic object is derived from a study of the historical foundation of potters from over the past 10,000 years. As a modern day potter I truly stand on the shoulders of masters.