Catherine Opie & Lisa Udelson

This is the first collaboration between Lisa Udelson and Catherine Opie, both recognized artists in their fields. Each has a history of creating political work in the documentary realm. Catherine Opie is a renowned artist, whose photographic works have been recognized by major museums throughout the world, including a solo retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. She is currently a professor at UCLA. SAME DIFFERENCE is Lisa Udelson’s second documentary. LIFETIME GUARANTEE, her last film, won numerous awards at film festivals throughout the world. Lisa also wrote and director the acclaimed short film, THE PARTY FAVOR, which has screened in over 100 international and domestic film festivals, including Sundance Film Festival. As friends for over 20 years, artists and mothers raising sons with same sex partners, they are passionate about this issue and take the subject of family personally and politically.