Carli Naff


My name is Carli Naff. I am a singer-songwriter living in Queens, NY. I got my BFA in Musical Theatre form the University of Arizona.  While auditioning as an actor in New York, I discovered my love of songwriting and am now passionately pursuing a career as an independent musician and performer. I had always dreamed of being a singer-songwriter, but if you had asked me one year ago, this album would have been nothing more than a fantasy. In fact, I had never even written a song. In the last year, the call to songwriting has been loud and intense. And scary. But, in taking action against these fears I have found indescribable magic, strength, self-worth, and freedom, and the songs for this album have poured out of me through the process. Once I release this music to the public, I will be playing local shows around NYC and eventually touring with a band!