Byrne Power

Author: Byrne Power
Credits: Byrne Power

In the remote past there was a mental institution: I worked there. Farm animals have been taken, with these hands, from cradle to grave. Then there was the junkyard where I burnt my hands on rusty metal in under a broiling sky. There was a rogue year spent in Europe learning philosophy and art. I did hard time in New York City specifically to learn why the cultural forces move the way they do. At last when I had accumulated enough knowledge and 11,000 pounds of books and records I shipped the lot off to Haines, Alaska, to begin my life long task of finding a means of a communication that might fit my vision. Somewhere there is a finished novel that does need to see the light of day. Radio and music occupied my livelihood for much of the time. And then there was a DIY version of puppetry I cobbled together from many styles in Europe to create the Lilliputian Puppet Sideshow and Reckoning Motions. And now I am preparing something else...