Olanrewaju Buraimoh

Lanre Buraimoh, trained under the skill full hands of his parents and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Ambros Ali University. Lanre busted out from art inclined family.Today 'Lanre Buraimoh art is one of the most versatile pieces in this modernized version of the contemporary art form. His beautiful and colorful signature bead painting is widely exhibited in Nigeria, London, Canada and United States of America. Continue to be shown at world finest museum and galleries, his work has won international recognition several awards from American Art Awards in Calfornia, Coastal League Museum in California, American Art Award California, Light Space and Time gallery, Florida and Up Stream People Gallery, Omaha Nebraska. In addition to creating art, he has also conducted workshops to kids and adults of different ages both at home and abroad. Lanre is known for his originality, simplicity and bright colors of shinning glass beads.