Brett Allen

Author: Leslie Parr

Brett Allen is a University of Pittsburgh graduate, Brett interned in the marketing department at Sheridan Broadcasting and on the magazine show, On Q at WQED, where he produced packages. After interning, he stayed on with Sheridan broadcasting where he produced for national talk radio programs with AURN including the White House Report, Hollywood Live, and The Bev Smith Show. Transitioning into television and film he has worked with the Pittsburgh Cable Network and KDKA before starting a production company where he has found himself directing and producing stand-up comedy films, live concerts, entertainment news shows, commercials and various other productions. His film experience spans from Production Assistant, Assistant Director, and Executive Producer of projects such as The Kill Point, Mysteries of Pittsburgh Con, Per-Sep-Shuhn, Shepard and more. Expanding his production knowledge, he became a certified Line Producer at the New York Film Academy demonstrating 10 years of production experience.