Majorelle Arts


Majorelle Arts is an artist collective based out of Oakland, CA, involved in a diverse array of projects, currently focused on grant-funded art installations and interactive space creation.  Our mission is to use the process of co-creating monumental sculpture as an opportunity to share skills, exchange ideas, and raise up a broad, knowledgeable, creative community.

After two scuessful projects, The Dancing Serpent (2015) and Methuselah (2017), we are currently building our third sculpture out of American Steel Studios.  Scriptorium, which will debut at Burning Man 2018, is an ancient writting teacher.  It will be a kinetic mobile that balances on a single point, surrounded by pupils who, inspired by the chimera's example, write and draw in the desert sands, creating their own offerings within the space.  See our Hatchfund campaign and follow us on Facebook for more information.

We look forward to bringing this piece and many others in the future to playa as our crew and knowledge grow.