Bill Evans for Camera Lucida LLC

Author: Bill Evans for Camera Lucida LLC
Credits: Photo Illustration: Bill Evans
Bill Evans is a British born and educated product designer, photographer, artist, and engineer. Now based in San Francisco for 30 years. While working as a product designer focused on Medical Devices and Digital Health he has always maintained activity as a practicing studio and location photographer and participated in supporting many arts and community based events, most recently including Burning Man.  He has recently added Fire Sculpture to his skill set through the awarding of a Burning Man Honoraria grant for his latest piece "Camera Lucida". He founded Bridge Design, a Medical Product Design company in 1992, recently leaving to work solo. He has written, spoken, and taught widely on Medical Product Development and User Centered Design. He has won many awards for his design work. Starting as an engineering apprentice at 16 to learn craft and tech skills he then studied science, technology and social science for a BSc, then followed by Masters in Industrial Design (Royal College of Art) and Design Engineering (Imperial College) always interdisciplinary. He professionally and sometimes as a community volunteer photographs performance for artists and venues. At BRC (2017) he welded the giant Flamingo and assisted Flaming Lotus Girls.


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