Temple Crew

Author: Temple Crew

 Marisha Fransworth


Marisha Farnsworth is an artist whose large-scale public space interventions explore future ecosystems, infrastructural utopias and the social and economic implications of materiality in the built environment. Marisha is design director at the Hyphae Design Lab and teaches at Laney College where her students are working to build digitally fabricated housing for the homeless in Oakland, CA.

Steve Brummond

Steve is an artist/architect from Oakland. He skipped his first week of grad school to go to Burning Man and has been going ever since. Marisha, one of his grad school classmates, invited him to work with her on the 2014 Temple. Since then, he has been volunteering on Temple projects both on and off playa. He also works at a design firm in San Francisco that specializes in civic architecture around the Bay Area.

Mark Sinclair

Mark is a structural engineer based in San Francisco. He has worked on many large and complex playa structures including the Temples in 2012 (Juno), 2014 (Grace), & 2016, the Man Base in 2007 (Green Man) & 2008 (American Dream), and Crude Awakening, also in 2008. Off-playa, he has provided structural design services for public/civic art projects via the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the City of San Francisco Arts Commission and other private clients, including The Hayes Green Temple, Temple of the American Dream, Flock, Passage, Ectasy, The Panhandle Bandshell and The Raygun Gothic Rocketship. He served on the board of directors of the Black Rock Arts Foundation from 2009 to 2014 and has attended Burning Man since 1997.