Barbara Campisi

Author: Barbara Campisi
Credits: Barbara Campisi

 I received a BS in Fine Art from Skidmore College and an MA in Painting from Adelphi University . Residencies have included two sessions at Virginia Center for Creative Arts, two at the Ragdale Foundation in Illinois, three at the Byrdcliff Colony in Woodstock, NY and a month at Fundacion Valparaiso in Almeria, Spain, and at Babayan Cultural Center in Cappadocia, Turkey.

My sculptures are most often site specific and large scale, engaging the viewer in a physical and experiential way. Often the perception of space and the body's relationship to it are challenged. The way in which we relate to space and how perception and space are effected by context and time are central considerations. They have been shown at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, along with related two-dimensional work. "Between Isoindoline," shown first at Candid Gallery, London, England, and in another incarnation at the Islip Art Museum, was the first of this type that the viewer could walk through. The most dramatic of this series of hanging string-like pieces was shown at the Tenri Cultural Center on West 13th St, NY, NY. With its 17' ceilings and curtain wall, the space invited specificity.  The piece was informed conceptually by my studies and practice of Zen Buddhism, a meeting of Eastern and Western languages appropriate for a Japanese cultural center located in the hear of Greenwich Village.

Earlier piece of this type were also shown at the Jan Weiss Gallery, New York, NY,  Statscript Pharmacy, New York, NY, and Eyewash Gallery at Girdle Factory, Brooklyn, NY.

Related two dimensional pieces were shown at the 80 Washington Sq. E.Galleries, NY, NY,  and at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY, and Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, NY, NY.

Previous shows include three outdoor invitational shows in Woodstock, which toyed with the perception of the natural versus artificial. Site specific work created in the desert of Spain at Fundacion Valparaiso was inspired by Indian Rangoli. Sculptures and paintings have also been shown at Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY, Kleinert Gallery, Woodstock, NY, RXArts, NY, NY , PS122, NY NY, Crest Artware, Brooklyn NY,  and Richard Andersen Gallery, NY, NY, the Carriage House in East Islip, NY. and a two person show of paintings in Brooklyn, NY.

A recent outdoor site specific sculpture inaugurated the outdoor sculpture garden at Schema Projects Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  The next and largest sculptural installation will be at Five Myles Gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.  Made of light, it will invite viewer participation and include performances.