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A.Y.N (All You Need) are 3 young enterntainers between the ages of 19 to 22 from Miami,Fl. Official: Who is 19, started freestyling by the age of 12 at a family gathering. It was a positive way for Official to stay off the streets, it started as a hobby but over the years it became a sport the adrenaline from freestyle battles became all he could live for.

Loui Lucci: Who is 22, Started off with poetry. Lucci was 13 at the time. lucci loved reading Maya angelou books with his mother. He always could paint vivid picture in his head with her words. He became Infatuated with word play. By the age of 16 he was entering every event he can find from poetry night to open mics he just wanted to be heard.

Yung Zae-toben : Who is 22, started of in the church choir, age:11. From the day Zae stepped into that enviroment all he wanted to do was stay in church as long as he could just to play the instruments or preach. It was known to the church: Trompette of zion, at a early age that he was a powerful speaker and his passion for music instruments was even greater. by age 16 he was performing at multiple church events in the miami dade county area.

These 3 young enterntainers became acquainted at a North miami highschool freestyle battle. Yung Zae was the host at the time and Official and Loui Lucci were battling against each other the crowd was so intrigued by a freestyle rapper going against a poetic rapper. So much that Yung Zae took bets on Official or Lucci. from that all 3 enterntainers knew that they were profitable and talented.

Official: Freestyle nerd, Loui Lucci: lyrical Poetic guru,Yung Zae: Hook Master. With all 3 any song proved time and time again to be a complete package for hit music. With promotion from themselves gave them Thousands a views From Myspace, Facebook, Limelinx, soundcloud and youtube for Hit singles Money Fight, To The top, and Er' thing on me. which eventually led into bmi royalties. They felt pride in bieng young haitian and independent. AYN (All You Need) vowed since that moment we must be the public face of our nation. So they wear haitian flags round there mouth and there Logo on all there clothes to let everyone know every event that pride is power.

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