Heartside Harmony Chamber Music Society

Heartside Harmony Chamber Music Society is the first of its kind. We present the region's finest concerts and invest our energy back into the community. We are extraordinary, diverse artists presenting chamber music performances and uplifting and empowering people in need through concerts, fundraisers and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our mission is broken down into four categories:

-Artistry (performing at the same level as our counterparts in NY and Boston)
-Diversity (on stage and off)
-Social Activism

The last point is crucial, and we enact it by either performing a free concert in each cycle for underserved communities (homeless, prisons, economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, etc) or performing a fundraiser with community partners that support the people and causes in our community which are most in need (homeless, refugees, environment). We will also include run out concerts or small tours to neighboring communities.

The artistry, community and diversity points go hand in hand and from the musician's side are accomplished through a roster of diverse artists who are more or less local in some way - living, working or originating in the region - with regular guest artists to maintain a cultural exchange and ultimate artistic level.