YahJah is a singer/songwriter born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern University at New Orleans on May 9, 2015. As the youngest of a combined 15 siblings, Yahjah has developed a passion for helping others. She is devoted to leaving a legacy and creating a prosperous future not only for herself, but for her family as well. 

Music has played a very prominent role in Yahjah's life. She loved to sing and dance since she was a little girl. Growing up she leaned to music, poetry, and dancing as a coping mechanism when faced with difficulties. Yahjah played with the idea of becoming a singer for a while. Battling with self-esteem issues, lack or resources, and low confidence created a mountain of fear and doubt. As Yahjah began to grow she realized that singing is not only what she loves to do, but her purpose. She exposes her heart through singing and hopes to inspire others through her music. Her first song entitled "More To Me" (2014) tells her story of a breaking out of a very fragile shell and walking into her destiny. Yahjah has also released singles "Sunrise" and "Who Do You Turn To." She is in the process of creating a band with plans to create a full album showcasing her variety as well as the talented musicians.