Artist Maasai

Author: Maasai Rees-Tabari
Credits: Death of the Caterpillar

Maasai Rees-Tabari grew up in New York City on the lower eastside of Manhattan, where she lived for over 20 years in a community called Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper.

In 1984, Maasai attended the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. At SVA Maasai majored in painting and minored in sculpture. Her career as an artist officially began in 1992 with her first solo show.

Maasai has worked with pen and ink, charcoal, graphite, Aquarelle and oil pastels, and painting bold colors, to illustrate the kind of mood that is prominent in her work, and defines Maasai's unique artistic style.

In 2012, with the acqusition of a studio, she has began to create digital images and collages.

In addition, Maasai has experience doing technical mechanical drawings, which she also uses in her work and she will use these skills to design how she envisions the layout of the exhibit.

In 2012, Maasai was invited/nominated to apply for the prestigious USA Artist fellowship.