Yellowstone Burners

Author: April Jones & Todd Evans

The Yellowstone Burners are an all-volunteer group based in Cody, Wyoming that exclusively creates collaborative public art. The group is a registered Wyoming nonprofit and is fiscally sponsored by Hatchfund. The group's first project is an art car titled Saddle Up!. The goal is to have it completed in time for Cody's 4th of July celebrations, then bring it to other public events year round, including to Black Rock City, NV in August.

We believe that these kinds of art projects are a way to build local community and make connections with others that can last a lifetime, while bringing a little splash of color to our neighborhoods and a smile for our day. In short, we do it because it's fun!

April Jones and Todd Evans are the founders of our group; they have been deeply involved in the Burning Man art community for many years. They helped create the Airpusher art car in 2013 and were on the original leadership team for the Temple of Promise in 2015. Prior to moving to Wyoming, April was co-chair of the East Bay Burner socials and was a year-round volunteer at Burning Man Headquarters as part of the Communications Team. Todd has been part of theme camp Delicioso Creperie for several years and has served as a Black Rock Ranger since 2014. They are thrilled to bring collaborative public art to Cody, Wyoming and to bring a little slice of the wild west to Black Rock City.